Breakage Vs. Shedding...they are not the same!

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Let's talk breakage and shedding, and we're going to keep it simple!


Its normal to shed 50-100 hairs a day. However, there are a few life changing events that may occur and cause excessive shedding such has having a baby, illness that requires medication, switching birth control, stress or excessive weight loss. This is usually temporary but if it continues on for months definitely seek medical assistance.

You will recognize shedding hair because it sheds from the roots, it should be the full length of your hair. Take a strand of hair from your brush or comb, if there is a visible white/opaque bulb, then its indicative of natural shedding.


Hair can be weakened and damaged by anything from rough handling, lack of moisture to coloring and straightening chemicals. It is usually common towards the ends of your hair as it is the oldest and most fragile part.

You will recognize breakage as just what it is, a break of the hair strand, bits of pieces of your hair.

So what is the remedy for breakage?

 If you feel you ends are damaged and continues to break you then a trim is necessary, once you've gotten rid of this you need a healthy regimen to save the rest of your hair, moisture is key!

This is why we created the Deep Moisture Bundle.  There are 3 products included:

The Brahmi Root Hair Masqueis going to strengthen the hair and provide protection from additional breakage.

The More Moisture Creamis going to provide nourishment and deep moisture even on color treated hair. It also has an herbal infusion that aides in strengthening and conditioning the hair.

The Silky Aloe Curl Pudding is to seal in that moisture from the More Moisture Cream, it also has aloe vera gel for definition and is butter based to add shine.

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