The Best Skin Care Ingredients for 2019

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Bask & Bloom Essentials Skin Care

Determining a skin care regimen can be tricky, especially if you don't have any issues but just want to start a process of prevention as you age.  We are sharing our favorite ingredients your skin will thank you for to maintain a healthy glow and defend against any issues!

Activated Charcoal - Draws out bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil without drying out the skin.  This is great especially if you have oily skin to not cause your skin to overproduce oil when you wash with harsh cleansers. This ingredient is found in  a lot of liquid cleansers like our Purifying Face Cleanser, and can be used in the powder form as a weekly face mask

Argan Oil - Softens and hydrates the skin, rich in Vitamin E, carotenes and antioxidants.  It is non-greasy which works great alone or in a moisturizing cream like our Vibrant Radiance Facial Cream

Rose Water - Very gently and has anti-inflammatory properties, helps get rid of acne by removing oil and dirt buildup which clogs pores.  Soothes skin irritations caused by conditions such as eczema and rosacea and improves overall skin complexion.  Can be found in our Balancing Toner

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