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#NaturallyEmpowered: Bask & Bloom Essentials Celebrates Black Women & Their Natural Beauty Stories

#NaturallyEmpowered Beauty Stories Campaign | Bask & Bloom Essentials

"When you learn to truly love and celebrate yourself, you realize that you are #NaturallyEmpowered to do more and be more."

What does natural beauty mean to you? How about empowerment? And what makes you feel #NaturallyEmpowered?", these are just some of the questions we've asked women to explore their amazing journey towards natural beauty.

We're celebrating women and their stories of self love, acknowledgment and discovery! We've invited 9 naturalistas (7 Black Women, 2 Latinas) to share with us the challenges they've faced and the benefits they're enjoying after they've embraced a natural beauty lifestyle.

For someone like you who is currently thinking of switching to natural beauty or has just started in this journey, we hope these videos will encourage you to take that leap and further celebrate your natural curls. 

Meet our #NaturallyEmpowered beauties...

Episode 1: Keondra (@thekolourkode), an educator, started her natural beauty journey when she was in college. After seeing black women of all textures, tones and hues, she was awestruck and eventually decided to embrace her natural curls too!

"To me empowerment is opening up a space so that people's unique stories can exist." ~ Keondra 

Episode 2: Velvet (@vee.natural), a Zumba instructor, gave herself a timeline of six months to grow her natural hair and ended up loving it since then.

"To me empowerment is feeling strong and confident. And knowing that we have the power to affect our lives." ~ Velvet

 Episode 3: Justine (@justfitcurls), a mother of two and a healthy lifestyle advocate, got tired of sitting at the salon and getting her hair burnt every single week. Realizing that sweating out hair that is straight but really wants to be curly... is not a good look.

"Empowerment to me is becoming confident in who I am. Meeting my own beauty standards. Setting my own rules on what's beautiful and not." ~ Justine

Episode 4: Dr. Brittany (@teethandtendrils), a dentist, started her natural beauty journey in 2012 when she had a short tapered haircut.

"Being empowered to me means empowering yourself so you can empower others in return.~ Brittany

Episode 5: Aja (@shes_crowned_in_curls_), a self-love advocate and more fondly known as "the queen crowned in curls", started her natural beauty journey by saying goodbye to heat and relaxers.

"Empowerment for me is knowing who you are AND. OWNING. IT!" ~ Aja


What's your natural beauty story? Share it with us on Facebook and/or Instagram, and use the hashtag #NaturallyEmpowered.

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