Hair Product Guide

This is a general guide based on frequently asked questions on how to use our products, or which one may work best depending on hair needs.  *Please note* products can still be used in other variations than mentioned in this guide.


Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar  (can be used weekly)

Gentle Herbal Cleanser (Liquid Shampoo, Can be used weekly)

Our Cleansers are not hair type specific, they can be used on natural, relaxed, texlaxed, locs.


Brahmi Root Hair Masque - Deep treatment that aids in providing moisture and protection from breakage (all hair types). We recommend using at least twice a month under a steamer or hair dryer.

Ease Leave-In Conditioner - Great for Detangling, lightweight to layer with gels/curl puddings for wash and go styles or heavier creams for protective styles such as braids and twists.


Mango Castor Twisting Creme -  heavier moisturizer to cater to thicker, coarse hair, specifically our ladies with 4b and 4c hair.  Follow up with our Silky Aloe Curl Pudding when doing styles such as twist outs or braid outs, or use our Stimulating Herbal Oil after on perm rod/flexi rod sets. This should be applied after rinsing off the Brahmi Root Hair Masque or after applying our Ease Leave-In

More Moisture Cream - Lightweight moisturizer that can be used on fine or medium hair and also replace using a leave-in conditioner. This should be applied after rinsing off the Brahmi Root Hair Masque

Kiddies 'N Curls Moisturizer - A nourishing moisturizer for our little ones! What's the difference? This moisturizer does not contain an herbal infusion that focuses on breakage and shedding, it simply has nourishing butters and oils to keep their delicate strands soft, shine and more manageable. Follow up with our Nourishing Amazon Hair & Body Butter or Silky Aloe Curl Pudding to lock in moisture


Twirly Hair Gel - This gel provide a soft hold for wash and go styles and can be used if more definition or hold is desired on twist out/braid out styles. Best to apply after our Ease Leave-In Conditioner and works on all hair types.  

Silky Aloe Curl Pudding - This is a butter-based styler that includes aloe vera gel for definition and shine. For best use, apply after one of our moisturizers, it locks in that moisture as the ultimate benefit.

Oils/Butters (Should be your last step of any style)

Stimulating Herbal Oil - Hair & Scalp Oil with an herbal infusion to help with dryness, flaking and stimulate growth, also adds shine to the hair. Use after one of our moisturizers and massage into scalp every few days. 

Nourishing Amazon Hair & Body Butter - Lock in moisture and adds shine, great for thick/coarse hair as it is a heavier sealant, use after one of our moisturizers or leave-in conditioner.

*Please Note* If you are using our Silky Aloe Curl Pudding you will not need to apply any additional oil or butter products 


Low Porosity Hair means your hair has a hard time letting moisture in because the cuticles are closed.  When deep conditioning with our Brahmi Root Hair Masque be sure to sit under a dryer to open your hair cuticles and allow moisture in easier.  When applying your leave-in or moisturizer (Ease Leave-In or More Moisture Cream) use a plastic conditioning cap after for 5-10 mins, your body heat will also help with the product absorbing. Next, follow up with a styling product or oil/butter to lock in moisture, we recommend the Silky Aloe Curl Pudding or Stimulating Herbal Oil.

See our Everyday Moisture Bundle for Full Set


High Porosity Hair means the moisture leaves too quickly because your hair cuticles remains open/lifted.  Heavier products and those containing Aloe Vera are great to use in this case. 

See our High Porosity Bundle for Full Set

Recommendations for High Porosity

Gentle Herbal Cleanser

Brahmi Root Hair Masque

Mango Castor Twisting Creme

Silky Aloe Curl Pudding

Twirly Hair Gel

Relaxed/Texlaxed Hair or Transitioning to Natural

Gentle Herbal Cleanser

Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar

Brahmi Root Hair Masque

Ease Leave-In 

More Moisture Cream

Stimulating Herbal


Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar

Gentle Herbal Cleanser

Silky Aloe Curl Pudding

Twirly Hair Gel

Stimulating Herbal Oil

Please email us at if you have any additional questions before making a purchase. Be sure to include photos of your hair as well!