Itchy Scalp? Use these Products to Fix Dryness, Build Up and Dandruff

The scalp is the most unique type of skin on your body. It has the highest concentration of hair follicles and its own microbiome to keep itself healthy and protected against toxins, irritation and damage. But sometimes the scalp needs help to stay clean and healthy. Constant itchiness and irritation is a sign that you may need to add something to your hair routine (or get rid of something) to get your scalp and hair to its optimal health.  

Here are 3 common scalp issues and our top recommendations to fix them. 


The products you use to wash, condition or style your hair can often be the culprit of dry scalp. For example, using a shampoo with sulfate or products containing ingredients that you’re allergic to can cause dryness and irritation. Signs that you are suffering from a dry scalp include itching, small white flakes and discomfort. You may also feel patches of rough or scaly skin on your scalp. 

Dry scalp can usually be treated easily at home. Try incorporating products that have scalp-friendly ingredients into your routine. Our award-winning Gentle Herbal Cleanser is a sulfate-free shampoo that relieves irritation and offers a deep clean. The plant-derived ingredients, like sacha inchi oil, nettle extract, peppermint oil, and sweet almond oil, can help soothe itchiness or flaking. Also try the Super Bloom 2-in-1 Pre-Poo/Deep Conditioner, which can be used as a soothing pre-shampoo scalp mask, and the Hy-Fresh Conditioning Spray, which can be sprayed directly on the scalp to hydrate and relieve irritation.

Also do not forget to hydrate on the inside...water flushes out toxins.

Build Up

Over time, your scalp can become suffocated by the products that you use if it builds up and is not removed with a shampoo. Natural build up also occurs from dead skin cells, sebum (oil produced by your scalp naturally) and sweat. An improperly or infrequently cleansed scalp can lead to itchiness, irritation and even premature hair loss. 

It’s important to regularly shampoo to remove dirt, oil and product from your scalp, and to periodically (about once a month) use a clarifying shampoo, like the sulfate-free Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar, for any lingering build up that your regular shampoo cannot remove.


While both dryness and dandruff make your scalp itchy and produce flakes, the flakes look very different. Unlike the small white flakes that are characteristic of a dry scalp, dandruff will be large yellow or white, oily flakes. Dandruff is commonly caused by malassezia, a yeast-like fungus, but it can also be the result of eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis (allergic reaction). 

Mild dandruff can be managed with a sulfate-free shampoo containing scalp-friendly ingredients to clean the oil build up and soothe irritation, like the Gentle Herbal Cleanser or Super Bloom Conditioning Shampoo Bar. For more severe cases, visit a dermatologist who can recommend a medicated treatment. 

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