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Excellent hydrating mouse

Best Shampoo Bar Ever

I have 3A/3B hair and I absolutely LOVE this shampoo bar. My hair tangles and breaks really easily because it's so fine. This shampoo has helped a lot with breakage and with my super dry scalp. I feel like my hair even looks a little thicker since it isn't breaking off so much. I can't recommend this bar enough. Try it!

Great leave-in.

Great leave-in. Not too heavy. Not too light. Just the right amount for son’s softer coils.

Yes to moisture

Leaves my hair feeling hydrated and soft

Simple Yet Effective

Three words: I. Love. It. Just like the title says. Next time, I'm going big!

So good!

This refresher is amazing. I love it!

Pure Magic!

put Brahmi Root Hair Masque on my wet hair and it dries into soft, glossy waves. I pull my dry hair into a ponytail at night and, when I take it down in the morning, it
falls into instant style.


This leave in is very moisturizing and glides easily through my hair. This paired with the Twirly gel is a definite win.

I love this stuff! Absorbs well and leaves my hair bouncy, not sticky.

Definitely a favorite! Restores my curls like new.

Functions well but has a sour smell.

Works well alone or when combined with the more moisture cream. I twist my hair with this combo.

More Moisture Cream
Pamela Jeffrey

Worked well on my dry, natural 4C hair. This is definitely the best product I’ve ever used for twist out.

Literally my most favorite pre-poo EVER. This product has never failed me. Even though it’s pretty pricey it’s such a fantastic product!

Amazing! It works

When I first saw this product I was excited to try it. I love the smooth texture. The smell is okay, but once you rinse it in the water, detangle free😄. I will definitely be purchasing this again. I love Bask and Bloom and I will continue support you .


Super lightweight and great for the definition of my twist out!!!


Used it when I had box braids. Kept my hair moisturized. After removing them my hair didn’t feel dry at all. Love this leave in!


Truly the best way to wash/shampoo my hair. Great for cleansing the scalp and nourishing my coils. Really awesome. Easy to transport on vacations too!

More Moisture Cream
Happy Coils
The name says it ALL

MORE moisture cream is amazing! It is a part of my regular cleansing and re-moisturizing routine. Works great as a leave-in and then pairs well with the curl vitamin mousse. I keep all products on regular order. Thanks for such quality products. 💚

Professional help

I love this product it restores vitality to my curls and professionally detoxes them

Best Pre-Poo Ever

I love this pre-poo. I can have the driest hair and I take my time adding this to my hair and my curls start popping like a fresh wash in go. Please keep this in the 16oz jars as a norm.

More Moisture Cream

I purchased this for my son. He was having trouble finding products that really lock in moisture. I have started using it myself. I really like it. Smells nice your hair feels soft but not weighed down.

Gentle Herbal Cleanser (Shampoo)
Rachel Berry-Delapenha
Loved this cleanser!!

I loved that my hair was clean but didn’t feel stripped. The applicator tip made application to my scalp a breeze!

Brahmi Root Hair Masque
Rachel Berry-Delapenha
Great deep conditioner!!

Product has great slip and made my hair very moisturized.

Perfect consistency mixes well with most products!