Bask & Bloom Essentials products are formulated to serve customers with diverse hair types and effectively solve common hair concerns. Review our curated product guide to help you pick the best products for your hair.

High Porosity Hair

This hair type easily absorbs water and moisture, but loses it quickly. It has a tendency to feel dried out and require frequent reapplication of products. High porosity hair can be genetic, although it is common on color treated and chemically treated hair, and can occur as a result of frequent use of direct heat, like blow drying and flat ironing.

Tips: Seal hair with an oil or butter to ensure moisture retention. Use products that are ultra-hydrating and nutrient-rich to strengthen strands and protect from breakage.

Low Porosity Hair

This hair type does not readily absorb moisture. It takes time for water to saturate low-porosity hair and products are best absorbed with heat. Once moisture does penetrate the hair shaft, it retains for longer and has a tendency to accumulate product build-up.

Tips: Use a clarifying shampoo regularly for a deep cleanse. Use a hooded dryer or plastic conditioning cap to help hair more easily absorb products.

Relaxed, Texlaxed, and Transitioning Hair:

Chemically treated hair, like relaxed or texlaxed, requires extra TLC to strengthen strands and minimize breakage. Transitioning hair, or relaxed hair that is being grown out to transition to natural, is especially fragile and prone to breakage due to having two textures (curly and straight).

Tips: Always detangle gently and handle hair with care to avoid snapping your strands. Opt for heat-free styling methods to minimize damage.


Locs are a great low-maintenance option for hair. But low maintenance does not mean no maintenance! Locs need to be regularly cleansed, conditioned, and cared for, just like loose hair.

Tips: Use light-weight oils and moisturizers to hydrated hair. Thoroughly cleanse with a clarifying shampoo at least once per month.

Wavy Hair or Loose Curls

This hair type can sometimes be challenging to style since it falls between straight and curly. Wavy or loose curly hair is typically straighter at the roots and forms a S shaped curl pattern further down the strands. It can sometimes appear poofy/frizzy or it can lack volume.

Tips: Light-weight products will keep your hair from getting weighed down and yield the best definition. To define curls without the crunch, scrunch or smooth damp hair with quarter sized amounts of a medium hold styler

Color Treated Hair

Hair color is a great way to switch up a look and allow for self expression. Since dying hair requires a chemical processing that may compromise the health and strength of strands, it's important to give hair some extra TLC. Maintaining a regimen specific to color treated hair can help ensure that hair stays healthy and that the color does not fade quickly.

Tips: Use a deep conditioning treatment weekly to counteract chemical processing and keep hair from getting brittle. On wash day, use a color-safe shampoo and rinse with cool or lukewarm water.