Scalp care is Skin care

September is National Skincare Awareness Month, a time to reflect on how we are caring for our body’s largest organ.

Your scalp is the most unique type of skin on your body. It has its own microbiome, with thicker skin and a higher concentration of blood vessels and hair follicles than any other area.  Scalp care is skin care, and it's the foundation for thick, healthy hair.  

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Scalp

  • Cleanse
  • It’s important to regularly shampoo to remove dirt, oil, and product build up on your scalp. An improperly or infrequently cleansed scalp can lead to itchiness and irritation. Lack of scalp cleansing can also limit hair growth and lead to premature hair loss.

  • Massage
  • Scalp massages increase blood flow and circulation to stimulate follicles and promote hair growth. Just 5 to 10 minutes a week of gentle circular motions is enough to see the benefits.

  • Preserve Moisture
  • The scalp naturally produces sebum, which is essential for maintaining hydration and hair growth. Avoid hot water and high heat from blow dryers which can dehydrate the scalp. You can also supplement moisture with a hair oil that mimics the natural sebum our body produces.

  • Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods
  • Foods that contain zinc, iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, or vitamins A, B, C, or E, provide nutrients for hair growth and can help limit hair loss. Eggs, nuts, seafood, berries, spinach, beans, and oats are some of the scalp-friendly superfoods recommended by experts.

    Top Product Recommendations for Nourishing and Calming the Scalp

    Bask & Bloom Essentials products are formulated with a team of chemists and dermatologists to keep the science of scalp and hair at the forefront. Our brand was founded by a mom-of-three who suffered from severe postpartum shedding. Her quest to find natural remedies for her own hair loss led to the creation of Bask & Bloom’s nutrient-rich, scalp-conscious line. 

    Here are our top four product recommendations for addressing common scalp concerns, like dryness, irritation, and shedding.


  • Super Bloom 2-in-1 Pre-Poo/Deep Conditioner
  • A dual-purpose, nutrient-rich moisturizer that stimulates growth and restores health to hair and scalp. Power packed with herbal extracts and essential oils, it can be used as a restorative scalp treat.

  • Gentle Herbal Cleanser
  • Our award-winning Gentle Herbal Cleanser is a sulfate-free formulation that relieves irritation and offers a deep clean for those dealing with dry scalp. The plant-derived ingredients, like sacha inchi oil, nettle extract, peppermint oil, and sweet almond oil, can help soothe itchy or flaky scalp and reduce hair fall out. 

  • Hy-Fresh Conditioning Spray
  • The Hy-Fresh Conditioning Spray is a regenerative spritz that can be used directly on your scalp to relieve irritation and excessive shedding. It contains unique ingredients that provide moisturizing, smoothing, and reparative benefits from roots to tips, like aloe vera juice and sacha inchi oil. Other key ingredients, like lysine and arginine, encourage the development of collagen and other proteins necessary for hair growth and alleviate itchy scalp. 

  • Herbal Infused Hair & Scalp Oil
  • The Herbal Infused Hair & Scalp Oil is a multi-purpose, scalp-friendly formulation that’s perfect for scalp massages. It helps to lock in moisture, stimulate hair growth, and provides shine and protection from breakage for hair.

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