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This product is amazing. I love using it as a pre-poo. So moisturizing.

Speciality box limited

Gave the scrunchie and hair clil to my daughter she loves them the conditioning bar cleans my hair and scalp and makes my hair so soft. The gel does not leave my hair hard defines my curls. I love the prepoo/dc my hair does too! The more leaves my hair moisturized for days love the oil also will repurchase

Don't Sleep On Bask & Bloom!!

These products are BOMB! I'm so mad I slept on them so long. I honestly think you will love them!

Starting with Gentle Herbal cleanser - I was surprised by the shampoo, it was actually more clarifying than I anticipated but didn't leave my hair feeling like straw. I have 3/4 left.

The Brahmi Root Hair Masque was excellent! It was thick and had a moderate amount of slip. It absorber easily into my strands. I have 1/2 left.

The Ease Leave-in Conditioner - this instantly melted into my strands and a little goes a long way! It spread very easily through my hair. I have 1/2 left.

The More Moisture Cream- this is a dense cream and does exactly what it claimed- it gave my hair an even bigger dose of moisture! I have 3/4 left.

The Twirly Gel is the TRUTH! before I started I wondered if I was going to have enough for my entire head since I only had the sample size. To my surprise I didn't even have to use the entire container on my hair! It was instantly clumping my hair upon application! I had about 1/4th left.

The Herbal Infused Hair & Scalp Oil is very lightweight and smells really good! I only used a nickel size to spread throughout my hair.

If you are on the fence, take the plunge and purchase! I can't wait to try the rest of the products in the line.

BOMB product!

This product is a perfect mixture of moisture and slip. I used it as a PrePoo and I must say it did exactly what it said it would do. My hair was not only soft, but moisturized as well. I love the bomb ingredients and especially the smell of the product. No need to hesitate about this one. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Amazing Leave In

I love, love, love this leave in! I promise this will give you the moisture and hydration your hair needs. Paired with the More Moisture Cream, I have been rocking my hair for 7 days without having to refresh. I’m so shocked! All other leave ins have officially been canceled in my stash and I’m serious. I found yet another gem/ staple to add to my stash.

More Moisture Cream

I absolutely love this product! This product delivers exact what it says it would do. I use this in combination with the Ease Leave In and my hair has stay soft and moisturized for the last 7 days! I don’t know why it took me so long to try this brand. This has become my new staple moisturizer!

16 oz Limited
Jeanelle Mardembrough
A staple in my natural hair Journey

I have been natural for 8years and these 2 products are my go to on wash days. From the Shampoo Bar, to the Brahmi Root and More Moisture, have been my all time favorites! I’ve been using them from before the pandemic and they have done wonders for my hair. Leaves it nice and soft. The shampoo bar and Brahmi root makes my curls pop and the more moisture along with a leave in has my hair moisturized for at-least 3-4 days before having to reapply ANY product again! Definitely MUST-HAVES in your wash day routines!

Curls for this girl

I really like combining this with the Ease leave
The two together I was able to achieve a bomb wash n go

Curls for this girl

I had my hair braided for 2 months
I was wondering if my curls were gonna come back
I love a bomb wash n go. this product delivered moisture and shine. My curls begin to form. Now I’m in love

Wonderful Product

I love this conditioner. I’ve only used it as a deep conditioner because I feel it’s just too good to put on dirty hair lol. This product made my hair feel soft & moisturized. Plus you don’t even need a lot & my hair is THICK so I know. Will purchase again!

Love it

I have only used it as a deep conditioner so far but it definitely makes my hair feel great and alive. B&B products have never disappointed and this new product is no different.


i had some dandruff built up in some of my starter locs that i thought was going to require me doing an ACV detox, but this shampoo bar?! this shampoo bar got it all out w/o making it feel super stripped, & w/o all the extra work. my hair looks & feels so much better compared to wash days when i used the camille rose clarifying shampoo. this is definitely a staple, i will be repurchasing & you should get you some too. 10/10 definitely recommend!!!

Brahmi Root Hair Masque
Evonya Windham
Hair mask

I love brahmi Root hair mask it's just the right consistency for my hair & the slip is great

Love this prepoo/deep conditioner

OMG!!! I love this prepoo/deep conditioner!!!I have it in my hair as a prepoo now then after I wash my hair I will use it as a deep conditioner. It makes my hair so soft even after rising it out if you are on the fence about buying this jump off that fence now!!! You won't regret it!!

The best on the market

I can say with confidence that there is no other moisture cream that has worked for my hair as well as this. I've used it for years and it never disappoints. Lightweight, moisturizing, with natural ingredients and smells amazing. I'm a customer for life.

Love it!

This is my favorite shampoo. Lathers easily, smells wonderful and makes my hair fill clean. I wish it detangled too


The definition I get from this mousse is outstanding. My hair is naturally coarse and high porosity due to permanent coloring and I was worried I would dry my hair out. I had nothing to fear. First, a little goes a long way. I only needed to use half of one pump for each section. It spreads with no issue whatsoever. As soon as it touched my hair I felt the nourishment and my ringlets formed immediately. I paired it with the Twirly Hair Gel for a stronger hold. I cannot stop looking at my hair and touching it. Fingers crossed it lasts more than a few days! If all goes well, it will become my new holy grail!

In love

Love love these products. First time using the Gentle Herbal cleanser! I am so loving it! My hair is super super soft! Leaving for hot dry Texas and I will be packing my bundle for sure❤️

Moisture equals growth

Use this in combination with Moisture Cream and previous breakage in crown dissipated within 3 months!

More Moisture Cream
Debra Stansberry


Love love love

Im happy to have found a clarifying shampoo with good simple ingredients. It gets my hair clean clean and my scalp wasnt itchy or dry after. Will repurchase.

More Moisture Cream
Cheryl Lemon
One product gets it done!

I have found that more moisturizer is all I need. It's what I use as my leave in and styler. That is all I need to keep my course medium density type 4 tresses happy about five days. I also love the shampoo bar

Good Leave In

I saw a YouTube video tutorial for natural hair and the person used this leave-in. On a whim, I ordered it to try it out and it is pretty darn good. For context, I have a short curly pixie with type 3C curls, somewhat low porosity. I recently dyed my hair and I was worried about damage and dryness but so far no issues. I use this leave-in with wash n gos and for refresh. I would order again.


I was pleased to have a good crispy cast after I finished diffusing. It felt good and gooey going on my coarse, dyed high porosity hair and I still have great hold a day later. Remarkable definition and bounce, my curls became even tighter on application. For those of you who are scared of gel casts, When the cast broke my hair was pillow-soft, so there's no worry of dryness. So far, it seems to be keeping me frizz-free in the humidity.

Curl mousse

I love this product it has given my hair more defined curls and more bounce I am a fan and this has become apart of my everyday hair products