about us

Bask & Bloom Essentials provides a full range of restorative, non-toxic solutions to address common hair concerns like shedding, hair loss, breakage and dryness. Our products work together to restore fullness, vibrancy and luster for all hair types to flourish.

We believe hair care should not be complicated and have taken the guess work out of achieving desired results.

Our full line offers a 4-n-1 solution that consumers are seeking during and after postpartum, with complete hair wellness in mind. These include reducing breakage/hair fall out, protection from external aggressors, optimal moisture and nourishing scalp care that textured hair requires, which results in fuller stronger, hair

Our products do not contain any harmful ingredients and are not on any banned cosmetic list in the United States, Canada or Europe. We work closely with a team of chemists and dermatologists to keep the science of hair and scalp at the forefront of each formula.

Founded by a mother of 3

Candera Thompson suffered from severe postpartum shedding and hair loss after the birth of each child. Her journey in haircare started with wanting a remedy to allow her tresses to thrive again, and help others who were having similar issues. The end result is a full line of science-backed formulas that focuses on bouncing back to lustrous, flourishing hair.