Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar Bask & Bloom Essentials
Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar
Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar Bask & Bloom Essentials
Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar

Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar

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The Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar clarifies hair by eliminating product buildup without stripping moisture. It contains nourishing butters, oils, and clay that work together to create a creamy lather for a unique spa-like experience. This sulfate-free cleanser was rated "Best Clarifying Shampoo Bar" by Cosmopolitan and "Best Bar Cleanser for Natural Hair" by Byrdie Beauty.




Rhassoul Clay: Mineral-rich clay that contains high levels of silica, potassium, and magnesium.
It clarifies without stripping the hair of natural oils, nourishes the hair, leaves hair soft and shiny,
enhances volume, removes dandruff, and eases problems of excessively oily hair.

Bentonite Clay: Traps and removes dirt, debris, build up, and other particles from hair and scalp.
Excellent to rejuvenate and cleanse the skin.

Amla Powder: Promotes hair growth, adds shine and volume, strengthens hair. Rejuvenates the
skin, repairs damaged tissue, and reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. A natural

Honey: Moisturizing and conditioning benefits on hair and natural cleanser on skin.

Distilled Water, Saponified oils of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (sustainably sourced), Olive Oil,
Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Butter & Castor Oil, Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, Amla
Powder, Honey and Essential Oil Blend for Fragrance.

Saturate hair with water. Rub gently on the scalp to form a lather and use fingertips to massage
and cleanse. Rinse and follow up with the Brahmi Root Hair Masque. Bar can be cut into
smaller pieces for easier use. Store the bar on a soap dish away from water when not in use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Stacy Hill
Love it!

This is my favorite shampoo. Lathers easily, smells wonderful and makes my hair fill clean. I wish it detangled too

Kiara Shand
Love love love

Im happy to have found a clarifying shampoo with good simple ingredients. It gets my hair clean clean and my scalp wasnt itchy or dry after. Will repurchase.

Perfect after swimming

This is excellent for clarifying my hair after swimming to rid it of the chlorine. Although I wear swim caps my hair still gets wet doing laps. I was using the herbal cleanser but prefer this shampoo bar due to the different ingredients. I use a conditioner afterwards. A little goes a long way rubbing on my scalp and massaging into my hair. Another great product, thank you!

Shampoo Bar

This product is the best, get your hair really clean without taking away your natural oils.

Favour Epuna
Moisturizes and cleanses

This is my second time but this shampoo bar and I’m reminded how much I love it. This product manages to cleanse my hair yet keep it moisturized which is what I seek in shampoos. Definitely a fan of the shampoo bar for life and can’t wait to stock up on it.