Maximum Wash and Go Definition on Every Curl Type

Warm weather means it’s unofficial “wash and go season” and it's time to rock your natural curl pattern. Whether you have waves, curls, coils or kinks, most people with textured hair want a non-drying formula to define their curls without any flaking and not too much crunch. 

Our Twirly Hair Gel is the best for a wash and go because it's alcohol-free and moisturizing, so it gives soft, defined curls and a medium hold. Key ingredients include avocado oil – loaded with nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, D, and E, it penetrates the hair shaft to provide moisturizing and strengthening benefits – and hydrolyzed flaxseed – which smooths strands and helps restore damaged hair. The Twirly Hair Gel can also be paired with the Hydrating Vitamin Curl Mousse for a firmer hold. 

Here are some techniques to get a defined wash and go on different curl types.

Wavy Hair or Loose Curls (Type 2 or 3 Curl Patterns)

  1. Scrunch: This technique helps encourage curls to form on wavy or loose curly hair types. To scrunch, apply the Twirly Hair Gel to clean, wet hair in sections. You can layer it on top of the Ease Leave-In Conditioner if you need more moisture. Next, cup and squeeze your hair in your hands, a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Scrunching encourages definition, volume and minimizes frizz. 
  2. Plop: After applying your products and scrunching, you may choose to “plop” as a heatless method of drying your curls with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Lay out your fabric of choice on a flat surface and gently flip your hair forward so that it is all gathered to the front. Next, “plop” your hair in the middle and fix the fabric around your hair so everything is contained. Flip your head back up and twist the sides of your towel or shirt and secure it. DO NOT twist the towel where your hair is because that will stretch out the curls. You can leave your hair like this for 20 minutes to an hour, or overnight. Plopping is a great technique to minimize frizz and limit heat damage. 
  3. Diffuse: Diffusing your hair cuts down your drying time. You can use a handheld dryer with a diffusing attachment to dry and fluff your curls. Diffusing typically helps to create volume. We do recommend using a heat protectant every time you apply heat to your hair!  

Click below to watch a tutorial using these techniques:


Kinky or Coily Hair (Type 4 Curl Patterns)

  1. Rake: Starting on clean, wet hair that is already detangled, apply a moisturizer, like the Ease Leave-In Conditioner or More Moisture Cream, and then the Twirly Hair Gel. In small sections, use your fingers to comb or rake through your strands. Raking helps to separate your curls and add volume for low density hair. 
  2. Smooth: Smoothing can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to raking. After applying your moisturizer and styler, you can use the “praying hands method” to smooth your hair. Take a small or medium section of hair and smooth it between the flattened palms of your hands (like the way your hands would be put together in prayer). Smoothing helps to minimize frizz.
  3. Shingle: Shingling is like smoothing on a micro scale. To shingle, you will be taking very small pieces of hair and smoothing them between your finger tips to help the curls clump together and define. This process takes the longest of all of the techniques but typically results in the most definition since you are basically individually defining each curl. 
  4. Hooded Dryer: To cut down on drying time, you can diffuse your hair (using a hand held hair dryer with a diffuser attachment) but this may create frizz, especially if you disturb your curls too much while drying. As an alternative, sit under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes (or more if your hair is high density) and don’t forget to use a heat protectant!

Click below to watch a tutorial using these techniques: 

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