5 Tips To Prevent Breakage

Weak, dry, or tangled hair, and strands with split ends are susceptible to breakage. Unlike shedding, which is a normal part of the hair growth cycle and occurs when a strand falls from the roots, breakage happens when a strand snaps at the end. The end is the oldest part on the hair shaft, making it most vulnerable to break.

The good news is that breakage is preventable. If your goal is to have a healthy damage-free mane and retain more length, here are a few tips to help you take better care of your tresses.

Five Tips to Prevent Breakage

  • Keep Hair Moisturized
  • When your hair is dried out, it becomes brittle and can break easily. Keep your hair hydrated with moisturizing products, like the Brahmi Root Hair Masque and More Moisture Cream. If your hair needs a refresher, spritz it with the Hy-Fresh Conditioning Spray to rehydrate. 

  • Trim Regularly
  • The idea that a trim makes your hair grow faster is a myth, but trims are essential when it comes to length retention. Split ends and single strand knots, which are common on curly and kinky hair types, weaken the ends of your hair and create more opportunity for breakage. Cutting anywhere from a quarter to a half of an inch every 6 to 12 weeks helps to keep your ends healthy.

  • Avoid Tight Hair Ties, Especially on Wet Hair
  • Tight elastic hair ties cause friction and tension that weakens your strands and leads to breakage. The negative effects of these accessories are magnified when you use them on wet hair which is more delicate. Instead opt for satin scrunchies or other damage-free alternatives for ponytail, bun, or puff styles. 

  • Detangle Gently
  • Use a wide toothed comb or detangling brush that is designed to be more gentle. Start at the ends and slowly make your way up to the roots. You can also add water and a hydrating product with slip, like the Super Bloom 2-in-1 Pre-Poo/Deep Conditioner or the Ease Leave-In Conditioner to minimize breakage.

  • Sleep with a Satin Bonnet, Scarf, or Pillowcase
  • Cotton and microfiber, commonly used to make bedding, can wreak havoc on your strands. These materials make your hair dry and frizzy, and your ends can get caught in the fibers and snap. With its smooth, silky fibers, satin is much gentler for your hair and limits the amount of damage and breakage you can incur while you slumber. 

    Bonus Tip: Be mindful of your hair getting caught under the shoulder strap of your purse and rubbing against cotton or wool clothing (for example, tucking your hair into your scarf in the winter or wearing a hooded sweatshirt). These everyday actions that seem harmless can put unnecessary tension and stress on your delicate strands, and ultimately lead to breakage.

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