Fall Hair Care Tips

Though you can always escape to your own personal Caribbean oasis with Bask & Bloom products, summer is officially coming to an end and fall is starting. Fall is a great time to reset your hair routine, since summertime activities like sun exposure, saltwater, and chlorine from the pool, can leave your hair dry and brittle. 

Here are a few tips to help you revitalize your strands and maintain healthy tresses for the entire season.

  • Trim Your Ends - Summer activities may increase the amount of split ends that you have or create more single strand knots, which are common on curly and kinky hair types. These weaken the tips of your hair and create more opportunity for breakage. Cutting anywhere from a quarter to a half of an inch every 12 weeks helps to keep your ends and your overall hair healthy.
  • Prioritize Moisture - Most people know that colder weather can lead to dry skin, and the same holds true for your hair. Focus on using products that will provide the maximum hydration for your strands to combat the dehydration that comes in the fall and winter months. The Ease Leave-In Conditioner and More Moisture Cream are highly-concentrated with nourishing herbal extracts, natural and naturally-derived ingredients to ensure your mane is hydrated. 
  • Be Careful with Scarves and Hoodies - Yes, fall is scarf and hoodie season, but be mindful of your hair rubbing against these cotton or wool materials. Such clothing items can put unnecessary tension and stress on your delicate strands, especially the ends which tend to be more brittle, and ultimately lead to breakage. 

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