How to Get Healthy Natural Hair? 2 Things You Should Know!

How to get healthy natural hair is a popular concern among naturalistas specially for those who just started in their journey...

There are many ways to make your hair healthier. To get started, these are two (2) basic things you need: 1) know your hair texture, and 2) establish a regimen.

A lot of times when we provide one-on-one recommendations and tips to make hair healthy, it always comes down to not having a consistent hair care routine or many confuse texture with hair type.

Simply remember, hair texture is determined by the thickness or circumference of your hair. It can be categorized as fine, medium or thick/coarse.

On the other hand, hair typing began when Oprah Winfrey's hairstylist, Andre Walker, launched his own hair care line and wanted to market it based on curl patterns. This is all that it means when people say 4a, 4b or 4c. Somewhere along the line hair type became more important, and the focus on curl pattern (or the lack of) took over what it actually means to have healthy hair.

At Bask & Bloom Essentials, we encourage you to focus on caring for your hair based on it's texture. Once again, HAIR. TEXTURE. Visit your local hairstylist, and get a basic consultation so you can have this information if you're not really sure.

Once you are aware of your hair texture then you can move on to establishing a consistent hair care routine like one of our amazing beauties Tyliekia

Get these juicy twists using products from our hair care line (in order):


The result after unraveling the twists...


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