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Quarantine Beauty Guide: Tips for Stay Home Hair Care

Quarantine Beauty Guide: Tips for Stay Home Hair Care

We feel you, quarantine can be seriously boring, so we have prepared a beauty guide that you can easily follow to get healthy natural hair while social distancing and staying home.

Don't let quarantine stop you from achieving your goals this year, whether it's about hair length retention or growing it longer. Try these essential hair care tips at home, and some product recommendations, to get that extra poppin' curls you well-deserved today!

Quarantine Beauty Guide - Tips for Stay Home Hair Care:

1. Keep your scalp healthy. With not going out much a gentle cleansing shampoo is good to ensure there's no buildup on your scalp and hair.

We recommend our Gentle Herbal Cleanser as a quick wash for healthy scalp.

Gentle Herbal Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) | Bask & Bloom Essentials

2. Deep treat in preparation to put your hair away. This is a perfect time for low manipulation hairstyles, and a good deep conditioning adds that extra moisture and strength before moving on to styling.

Our Brahmi Root Hair Masque is a versatile that offers moisture, Ayurvedic herbs to strengthen the hair, and growth stimulating extracts. It works on all hair types too!

3. Choose a simple style that will allow you to leave your hair alone. Mini twists and braids are very popular because you can wear them as is, tuck your ends away or add accessories to spice things up. 

A moisturizing cream to set your twist and braids will do the trick and we offer two depending on hair texture: More Moisture Cream (fine/medium) and Mango Castor Twisting Creme (thick/coarse).

Mango Castor Twisting Creme/Cream | Bask & Bloom Essentials

4. Add Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil to provide nourishment. This final step ensures that moisture is locked in, beautiful shine is added, and ends are protected. Massaging the scalp once a week allows rejuvenation and follicle stimulation. (Learn more about hair oil benefits)

Bonus Tip: Add a cute head wrap on the days when you have to go out for groceries and other essentials to ensure optimal safety, while still looking gorgeous. Remember to be consistent and keep tracking your progress.

Go ahead and try these tips for stay home hair care now!

#StayHome, stay safe, stay beautiful. 
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Quarantine Beauty Guide: Tips for Stay Home Hair Care

  1. avatar Cherl Greene says:

    I just ordered mine! I’m going to try my first twist out.

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    I have lived in twist during this entire stay at home period. This has been a time to give my hair some much needed rest.

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    Thanks for sharing this article. Interesting and useful article. Interesting to know the tips to Stay Home Hair Care on your health and beauty. Great article!

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