Curly Hair Tips: How to Keep Curls Overnight?

Finding ways to preserve your curls overnight will save you time and energy. There is nothing better than taking off your bonnet or scarf, shaking, fluffing and going about your day...

If you are looking for a few curly hair tips on how to keep curls overnight, saving you valuable time in the mornings, continue reading!

Pineapples, Mini Puffs, and Chunky Twists or Braids:

One of the best ways to keep curls overnight is to opt for a technique that minimizes friction, and ultimately controls frizz, while you are sleeping. For styles like twist outs, braid outs, rod sets, or even wash and gos, there are a few tried and true techniques that work wonders! 

  • Pineapple: One of the most popular bedtime options is the pineapple. To achieve this method, gather all of your hair into a high ponytail at the top and front of your head. Then loosely secure the ponytail with a satin scrunchie. You can then wrap the pineapple with a covering to keep it in place. A satin scarf or a satin bonnet should do the trick! When you’re getting ready the next morning, simply release your hair and shake and fluff it back into place. You can use a light oil like the Herbal Infused Hair & Scalp Oil to add a little shine and moisture back into your hair and minimize frizz during the fluffing process. Note that the pineapple method works best on long hair. 

Pineapple Hairstyle | Bask & Bloom Essentials

  • Mini Puffs: Mini puffs are a great option for those with shorter hair. The technique uses a similar idea as the pineapple, but instead of one loose gathering at the top and front of your head, mini puffs allow you to do multiple loose gatherings all around. Simply place your hair into about four or five loose ponytails using satin scrunchies. Aim for at least two equally sized gatherings on either side of your head. A fifth ponytail in front is perfect if you have curly bangs! Cover with a satin bonnet to keep your hair in place while you slumber. Similar to the morning routine with the pineapple, you can simply release your hair, and shake and fluff with a little oil before heading out the door. 

  • Chunky Braids or Twists: Chunky braids or twists is a good option if maintaining definition in your braid out or twist out overnight is your primary concern. While you may have initially had to do several braids or twists when styling your hair, two to four loose braids or twists will suffice for the purpose of overnight preservation. In the morning, you can simply undo your hair, then separate with a little oil and go.

More Tips:

  • It is very important to use satin head wraps, bonnets, scarves and pillowcases, rather than cotton. Cotton absorbs the moisture in your hair, making it dry and brittle. Satin is more gentle on your hair. 

  • Avoid covering wet hair with a scarf or bonnet overnight. Wet hair creates an opportunity for bacteria to grow on your scalp and in your hair. If you must sleep with wet hair, leave it uncovered and opt for a satin pillowcase. Otherwise, only cover your hair when it is dry.

Go & Give It A Try!

With these tips on how to keep curls overnight, you can sleep more comfortably better without any worry of ruining your hairstyle the next morning! Shop your natural curly hair products online today.


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