Curly Hair: Secrets to Achieve the Ultimate Curl Definition

As women, we spend a great deal of time styling and caring for our hair. Many of us are developing techniques to achieve ultimate results that can last throughout the week, we fully support this! 

If you desire styles that are more defined and "poppin", without having to try a million different methods and products every time you want to wear your hair out, put some effort into gaining and maintaining healthy natural hair. This will be your foundation to beautiful, defined styles regardless of your hair type.

Now remember, we are only defining whatever curl definition that you already have. No product or method will create a curl pattern that does not naturally exist in your hair. We are all surprised to see what beautiful curl patterns we have when we actually make an effort to show them off, but it starts with a healthy regimen.

@foxynaturally defined curly hair twist outs using products from Bask & Bloom Essentials

Healthy hair is hair that is at its strongest at any given time. Getting to this optimum health can mean different products depending on your hair type.

Here are secrets to achieve the ultimate curl definition...

  1. Cleanse: Keep your hair and scalp clean and balanced using a gentle herbal hair cleanser free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colorants. Use a cleanser that will not strip your hair but will help to nourish it while cleaning it. This step gets your hair strands ready to accept strands.
  2. Deep Condition: This step feeds moisture to your hair inside the shafts, repairing damage. Do this consistently using a product with nourishing ingredients.
  3. Moisturize: When hair is damp, add a natural moisturizer to the strands to plump and continuously condition it. Use a moisturizer that contains butters and oils for long lasting nourishment. This will help to avoid constant reapplying and prevent product build up. Check out our More Moisture Cream, a great option for fine or thick/coarse hair.
  4. Seal In order to maintain all of that nourishment, you have to lock it in with an oil/butter. This step is a barrier to anything leaving your strands as well as anything entering.
  5. Style There are loads of styling options that help your healthy hair to have even more definition. These include, braid outs, twists out, wash and go and many more. Just don't forget to try the above steps before getting into styling. Check out our video tutorials for more styling tips and guides!

@foxynaturally curl definition using Bask & Bloom products

@foxynaturally got major definition and shine using our Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar to cleanse, Brahmi Root Hair Masque to deep condition and strengthen, and More Moisture Cream as her moisturizer/leave-in.

We hope following these steps will help you achieve a healthy hair for better curl definition. Shop your natural curly hair products online today.


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