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Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding: Hair Health Tips from our CEO Candera Thompson

<h1> Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding: Hair Health Tips from our CEO Candera Thompson </h1>

"Like many other women, I went through that phase of excessive hair loss and shedding after pregnancy."

Postpartum hair loss and shedding became my motivation to create this natural beauty brand so I can bounce back to full healthy hair even after having 3 kids.

I'm very sure women like you, can relate to the changes our hair and bodies go through for up to a year after giving birth. Today, I'm sharing with you all the hair health tips that worked for me to achieve a healthy natural hair!

First, let me start by saying postpartum shedding is normal. It's nothing to "fight" or prevent. Normally your hair is either in it's growing stage or resting stage. But with higher estrogen levels during pregnancy, it stays in the growing stage a bit longer. About 3 to 6 months after giving birth your hair goes into the resting stage, which means all the excess hairs that weren't shedding normally (about 100 strands per day) are now leaving your head.


If your hormones are going super crazy like mine did, you can end up with more than just postpartum shedding. I had postpartum hair loss too! Some areas of my hair were completely gone resulting in me having to cut it in style. I opted for a tapered cut with my last two kids because majority of the side and back were already gone.

Below was my postpartum hair regrowth routine:

  1. Continue taking prenatal vitamins or a vitamin supplement - don't make any drastic changes once you give birth.  Your body is already doing it's thing adjusting to not being pregnant anymore and it can take up to a full year of recovery.  The balance of vitamins will help in the regrowth stage.
  2. Establish a quick & easy regimen - Wash, condition and moisturize. I kept it very simple with adding a little hair oil to my style & my ends every 3 days. My ends felt really dry and brittle, as if I had a bad color job. This happened every time so I stayed away from additional styling products such as gel, mousse etc.  Moisturizer only to style for at least 6 months. I suggest our More Moisture Cream that doubles as a leave in.
  3. Opt for low manipulation hairstyles - I know when we are very close to giving birth the last thing we want to do is worry about hair, a protective style during this time is fine and even up to a month after giving birth. Around 3 months is when postpartum shedding appears and I don't suggest a protective style unless you're wearing your own hair around this time. Mini braids or twists that aren't  too tight or weighing on your head works best.
  4. Deep condition instead of using rinse out conditioner -  This has been the number one game changer for me. I no longer use quick rinse out conditioners in my regimen. I wash my hair every 8 to 10 days and deep conditioning with our Brahmi Root Hair Masque is always a part of wash day. This product not only nourishes but also contains strengthening herbs and mild protein that helps tremendously in hair length retention.
  5. Massage your scalp (you can use hair oils) - This is the best way to stimulate your hair follicles and increase blood flow while wearing low manipulation hairstyles. Another herbal treat that I love for this option is our Herbal Infused Hair & Scalp Oil.
  6. Eat healthy (protein) and remain stress-free - What seems like impossible after giving birth is the most important.  Your diet and stress level does affect your hair so plan healthy, quick snacks to get your nutrients instead of focusing on big meals during the first six months.  Say "no" to anything that is not helping to keep your stress level down, this is the time to truly focus on your health all around so make sure you are firm in taking care of you.
  7. Give yourself lots of grace - Bringing life into the world is no easy task, a pat on the back often is required *wink*.

I hope you'll find these hair health tips useful too! Shop your natural curly hair products online today.


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