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Curly Hair Growth Secrets

Curly Hair Growth Secrets

All hair types grows at different lengths and rates.  The good news is, hair does grow!

Hair are some tips from our curlies around the internet to assist with your length goals.

1. Establish a healthy hair regimen

2. Be consistent with washing and styling

3. Avoid product buildup, especially on the scalp which clogs the pores

4. Use healthier, nurturing ingredients specifically formulated for your hair type.

5. Your hair is much older and drier at the ends, pay close attention to it when applying products and if you see any breakage then get a trim to avoid stunting your growth

6. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture.  If you are properly & consistently moisturizing your hair it will lead to dryness and breakage

7. Avoid tight styles, especially when protective styling to lessen any breakage/damage from occurring.

8. Deep conditioning is your friend. Look for once with strengthening properties to help with length retention

9. Low manipulation hairstyles are highly recommended

10. Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair. There's less friction from these than a normal towel that can cause breakage.

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